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DELYSS is a full restaurant menu for touch tablet, interactive table and ordering kiosk.

Application tablette menu restaurant Delyss

Order in a beautiful simplicity

DELYSS is a touch solution allowing your customers to check the menu directly at the table.
Wether on the table or a touch tablet, handed over when they sit down, letting them orderinr on their own.

Tablette tactile de menu pour restaurant Table digitale de commande de repas Borne de commande pour restaurant

The solution is powerfull and let customers check all details of a meal (picture, ingredients, allergens, calories…).
Then they can add it to their basket, and send it directly to the kitchen.

More sales

Thanks to suggestions and extras, the customer will easily treat himself to better food. Often, he will order more expensive products that waiters would not have dared to suggest.

Finally, the waiters gain a new lease of life to serve customers that request them, so they can fufill their role and make the client go upmarket with more ease.

These are three different witnessed ways to increase the basket value

More savings

With this new tool, you could need less waiters to take orders, and make a substancial saving while re-qualifying the waiter’s work towards a higher added value job.

And of course you need no more to reprint menus whenever it changes. You can now make it lives with seasons while following regulation : allergens list per meal, content description, prices per volume.

More audience

With the translation of your menu in several languages, you provide it to many more clients, who will be charmed by the welcoming in their own language, and better able to understand what they order.

More informations

With Delyss, your menu is always up to date, includes all allergens, offering picture and detailed description for every meal.

Thus the customer will request no more a waiter for any question, and can choose unknow meals they would not dare try before.

let your client
manage their time

Tablet app with pictures

A touch app to order a meal or a snack

utilisation de tablette tactile en restaurant
Gain de temps par tablette

Save time

Stop the wasting time to attempt to describe a meal and list all allergens. Notice a real time gained for the waiters since they only have to confirme the order (and suggest better meals).

application menu expérience client

Better customer experience

Your menu is now available in several languages. You can update the menu in real time, notify a stock shortage (and deactivate a meal) or a change in the daily special. in a few clicks, the menu is updated.
Show up an interactive wine list according to the selected meal.
Get a feedback from your customers, their favorite meals. Reduce errors and misuderstanding when taking the order (cooking, details…).

application restaurant dynamique

More dynamic

The Delyss app manage daily specials and service time.

Everyday, your meal will change according to the planning you set previously, and in case some meals are not served at any time, they will be deactivated in the menu.

The application on Touch Table

Delyss on touch table let you accomodate up to 4 guests where each of them can check the menu on their own.

  • ORDER – Display your menu with all variants you get
  • SURF THE NET – Your customer can check the news or surf on defined website
  • PLAY GAMES – Until they are served, the customers can play on the table, alone or in multi-player

Table with picture

A touch table accomodating 2 or 4 guests to have a good lunch or have fun.

Our clients

The solution made us save 3 waiter upon 5.
The customers order more easily extras or additional ingredients that they would not dare request before. Our average basket thus increased by 15% !

restaurant table tactile Fridays
Zarra Imajdine
FRIDAY’S – La Défense

Delyss is the only solution that allows us to manage massive influx of tourists during frequent events.
Without touch table, we would be overrun with our usual staff. Thanks to the table, all customers can make order.

restaurant table tactile itouch Coffee
Florence Schaeffer
iTouch Coffee- Chalon/Saône

The Delyss solution is far better for us than mere webpagebecase the display in instant between two pages
There is no delay when a customer wants to chekc all the details of a meal, go back, and check another one. thus he will check far more meals to make a choice.

restaurant tablette menu COVID el Miro
Steve Arnauld NKOO
El Miro – Chambery

The menu on Delyss tablets let us give ALL informations about a product
Our waiters ar far less requested for mere informations, and we gain a lot of time upon service.

restaurant tablette menu COVID el Miro
Steve Arnauld NKOO
El Miro – Chambery

Increase your restaurant productivity

Allows all kind of menu

The solution lets you display your menu with all kind of possible variants. The customer is fully free to change set menu to another without having to sart all over. Thus you can :

  • Menu – Display Starters, main Dish and dessert in all possible compositions
  • Tapas – Display assortment offering several meal of one kind under several set menu
  • Extras – Delyss manages meals with extras
  • Do-it-yourself meal – Offer do-it-yourself meals with a choice of ingredient to choose from, with categories
Discover the application
Give up old boards

Why choose Delyss ?

The benefits to get a menu on table or tablet

Order directly to kitchen

Your customers build their meal on their own and the system can send it directly to the kitchen for instant cooking

Every production spot (hot, cold, bar…) receive its ordering ticket. The waiter gathers all meals and bring them to the customer that didn’t had to wait event for a menu

Fun for waiting

Is the cooking too long in the kitchen ? No problem. While he waits, the customer can have fun with games, solos or multi-player. he can also check the news or browse websites you choosed for him.

No more angry or impatient customer waiting for his meal.

Monetizable display

The table or tablet are also broadcast screens that can be monetized through add display.
You just have to propose other local players to include their advertising on the tables (through a dedicated administration) by means of a subscription at your discretion.

tablette tactile menu pour restaurant

The benefits
to have a menu
on table
or tablets

Sell better

  • More tempting menu, thanks to the pictures for every meal. it has been estimated that a picture aside a meal would increase up to 10% the basket amount, as it increases the hunger of the customers
  • Spotlight some meals according to the day (stock shortage, promotion…). Change your seasonal menu with no more print constraints
  • Increase additional sales (wine, appetizer, suggested desserts) throught suggestions that the client has full time to discover. Or make flash sales by changing prices and spotligting them when you have too many stocks.
  • The waiter gain time back to advise the customers and push them towards top-end meals or more expensive wines.
  • The clients are no longer stressed by a waiter waiting for the order, and take time to select more extras.
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